Jupyter Notebook to Serverless ML Endpoint.

CloudKit is our solution for serverless ML inference, all with a single predict function in your Jupyter Notebook.

with just one more cell

Add a predict function, consume some input data, run ML inference, then return output data. CloudKit handles all the nasty details.

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run ML models from anywhere

CloudKit runs inference requests on GPU-enabled servers, allowing you to leverage ML from literally anything with an internet connection.

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CloudKit is designed to be extremely simple. Pay-as-you-go, per second spent on inference.


Quickly build a prototype.

$0.0005 /second

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What's included:

  • Run predictions on Intel CPUs.
  • Create unlimited public endpoints.


Deploy serverless ML to production.

$0.001 /second

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Everything in Free, plus:

  • Accelerate predictions with Nvidia GPUs.
  • Create private endpoints with limited access.


Enhanced integration and support.


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Everything in Team, plus:

  • Dedicated servers with no cold starts.
  • Host CloudKit on-prem.
  • Priority support, including Slack Connect with our engineering team.