Media Infrastucture for Interactive Apps.

MediaKit is our cross-platform solution for core media: camera and mic streaming, video recording, and social sharing.


High performance, cross-platform video recording.

Multiple Formats

Record MP4 videos (AVC and HEVC), animated GIF images, WEBM videos, WAVE audio, JPEG image sequences, and more.

Ultra-high Resolution

Record videos at 4K and even higher on devices that support it--including on mobile devices.

Extremely Simple

Create, record, and finalize recording sessions with exactly four functions. Don't believe us? See for yourself ->

High Performance

NatCorder is specifically designed to work with the most visually-complex apps and games, taking ≤ 5ms per frame at 1080p.


Build in C++, Java, Obj-C, Swift, or Unity and deploy on Android, iOS, macOS, Web, and Windows. Use the exact same code.

Hardware Accelerated

NatCorder offers hardware acceleration through AVFoundation, MediaCodec, MediaFoundation, and MediaRecorder.


Cross-platform low-latency media device streaming.

Full Feature Camera

Build full-feature camera apps with focus, exposure, white balance, zoom, flash, torch, and stabilization controls.

Ultra-high Framerate

Build motion analysis and slow-motion effects with 120PFS or 240FPS camera previews on devices that support it.

Ultra Low-latency

Stream sample buffers from cameras and microphones with ultra low latency and zero allocations.

High-fidelity Audio Capture

Record your users' reactions--in their voice, in high fidelity. NatDevice provides spatial mic audio and echo cancellation.

Computer Vision

Leverage camera depth (coming soon), multi-camera streaming (coming soon), and image metadata to build computer vision pipelines.


Build in C++, Java, Obj-C, or Unity and deploy on Android, iOS, macOS, Web, and Windows. Use the exact same code.


Begin prototyping for free, then upgrade to a plan to unlock the full power of MediaKit.

Annual billing (Save ~15%)


Quickly build a prototype.

$0 /mo

Get started

What's included:

  • Record low-resolution, watermarked MP4 vidoes.
  • Stream the camera preview with ultra-low latency.
  • Build camera apps with exposure, focus, torch, WB control and much more.
  • Deploy on Android, iOS, macOS, Web, and Windows.


Develop and publish engaging media apps.

$29 /mo

Buy Team

Everything in Free, plus:

  • Record animated GIF images, MP4 videos (AVC, HEVC), WAV audio, JPEG sequences.
  • Record high-res videos, up to 4K or higher.
  • Record videos with app, game, or microphone audio.
  • Build high-res camera pipelines at 4K or higher.


Enhanced integration and support.

$99 /mo

Buy Enterprise

Everything in Team, plus:

  • Priority bug fixes, including early and custom builds.
  • Release archive for all versions of NatCam, NatMic, NatCorder, and NatDevice.
  • Slack Connect with our engineering team.
  • Integration support for native iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, etc.