Edge and cloud ML infra for
AI-powered apps.

NatML provides high-performance, cross-platform ML infrastructure for building interactive AI-powered apps.

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ML predictions

With under five lines of code;

Build gaming, AR, VR, and metaverse experiences that leverage gesture detection, face filters, pose detection, and much more.

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from a growing catalog;

Craft novel user interactions with ML models across computer vision, natural language, and more. Or simply bring your own model.

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on device or in the cloud;

Deploy across Android, iOS, macOS, Web, and Windows with the exact same code. Then push past device limits with serverless ML predictions.

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with engineered virality;

Empower your users to create and share viral content from your application with our user-generated content solutions.

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Start building

Sign up on NatML Hub, create a Unity project, and import NatML VideoKit.

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